Phone 7 Notification Helpers Package

Install-Package Phone7NotificationHelpers

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This package contains a class and code snippets to make the development of WP7 apps that use notifications easy.  In fact, it is so easy you can accomplish it in half a dozen steps.

  • Install the package (“Install-Package Phone7NotificationHelpers”)
  • Build the solution to ensure the namespaces are correctly recognised
  • Use the snippet manager to insert the required variables (Ctrl+K+X > My Code Snippets > Phone7Notifier > Notification Variables)
  • Insert the snippet to instantiate the class (Ctrl+K+X > My Code Snippets > Phone7Notifier > Notification Setup)
  • Insert the snippet to create the template event handlers (Ctrl+K+X > My Code Snippets > Phone7Notifier > Notification Event Handlers)
  • Make your call to notifier.BindChannel() wherever it makes sense to your program.

And that’s it.  Obviously, you’ll want to make the event handlers do more than the example implementation allows, but you will at least get messages coming through.
This is my first NuGet package, so go easy on me. 😉


The snippets file is installed / uninstalled by scripts written by Geert van Horrik as part of the  All caveats listed on his site apply here.

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