Phone 7 Notification Helpers (Server Side) Package

Install-Package Phone7NotificationHelpers.Server

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This package contains a class to aid the rapid development of applications that send push notifications to a Windows Phone 7 application.  It can be used in conjunction with the Phone 7 Notification Helpers package to make the task of adding notification behaviour a simple one.

To use this package, take the following steps.

  • Install the package (Install-Package Phone7NotificationHelpers.Server
  • Call whichever of the three public methods to send a notification.  These are
    • Helpers.PushNotificationSenderHelpers.SendRawMessage()
    • Helpers.PushNotificationSenderHelpers.SendToastMessage()
    • Helpers.PushNotificationSenderHelpers.SendTileMessage()
  • That’s it!


Currently the results of the calls are returned as a string.  I will be changing this to return a more sensible object to allow for error handling, resending, etc. (Will be in the next release)
Handle message Id strings for each unique message to assist tying responses back to requests. (Will be in the next release)

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