The Build Diary – Part 4 – How will it end up looking?

(5th October 2013)
Test fit of the tuners. You can still see the orange peel effect of only having got part of the way through the grain fill stage. Also, a quick shot of the unfinished body with chrome hardware and a couple of the knobs laid on, just to see how it looks.

Tuners off again, and I have started the laborious process of flatting back to get a totally flat finish. Basically, this is using successively finer grades of wet and dry paper, moistened with Tru-Oil to get a totally flat surface.

If you want to use Tru Oil as a finish, and want to follow on with the same guidance I am using, visit this forum thread for a full description.

Also today, the wonderful Paul Hudson helped me out by drilling the output jack hole – not a job I felt brave enough to tackle because of the ridiculously high chances if it going wildly wrong.

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