The Build Diary – Part 8 – Argh!!!

Stupidity, carelessness, ineptitude, call it what you will, but I’ve just hot a snag on the build. I decided last night that in order to make sure everything was lining up right before I glue in the neck, I’d install the tailpiece and bridge. I started off by installing the tailpice collars (the parts that are inserted into the wood of the body, and have the internal threading to accept the posts.

This is where I screwed up. I somehow managed to damage one of the collars so that I could screw in the post (at least, not all the way in, and not without a LOT of effort. ) Oops!

So I did a bit of research on how to get the collar back out of the wood, and consulted a guitar repair guy I know. The answer was surprising.

Drop a screw, head-end down into the hollow of the collar, so that it rests on the wood of the body at the bottom of the hole. Then, slowly and carefully screw in the post to the collar. The pressure against the screw, and the forces acting on the threads inside the collar should start to lift the collar out.

Here’s a terrible picture to explain what I mean.

My awesome image manipulation skills coming out again.

My awesome image manipulation skills coming out again.

You know what? It works. I was nervous of pushing the screw straight out of the back of the body but there’s enough material there for that not to happen.

I only got part way out – the only screws/bolts I have are either too wide to fit down the recess, or too short to get enough pressure acting on the threads, remember I said I can only get the post part-way in? So, I plan a trip to a hardware store soon to get an appropriate size of bolt and give it another go.

I have, unfortunately, ruined the collar and post on this side so I will also need to get a replacement part ready to fit when I have recovered the confidence to have another go.

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