The Build Diary – Part 12 – Highly strung

Yesterday I got the machine heads mounted, after eventually tracking down the correct screwdriver for the job.

Having put on the tuners, I thought I’d throw the rest of the hardware on to see how it looks/feels/plays. I wasn’t optimistic that it would sound “right” just yet, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Intonation is out (no work done on the fine tuning of that as yet) but the action wasn’t bad. The temporary nut I am using is too low so I get horrible buzz and rattle on open strings, but fretted notes all ring out really well.

It has highlighted what I knew already though. The fretboard edges are quite sharply defined. Before too much longer I need to think about rolling them over a little for a more comfortable playing experience.

(For those looking for help on the process these days, my apologies – there’s not a lot to talk about so these posts are getting quite picture-heavy. Maybe more detail when I start the wiring…)

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