The Build Diary – Part 12a – Switching it up

I have decided to use a non-standard switch for my pickup selection. I had originally intended to use a 5 way rotary switch from StewMac but I couldn’t make it work without routing more material from an already sensitive part of the body. I eventually settled on a Freeway 6-way toggle that looks a lot like a standard 3-way one, but gives an additional set of selection options. Interestingly, I had to order the switch from StewMac, despite it being made here in the UK, about 25 miles from my home. Go figure.

**EDIT** I just found out that AxesRUs here in the UK also stock these switches now. Way simpler and quicker if you’re here in the UK. 🙂

FreeWay Switch

FreeWay Switch

Having made sure this switch would fit (it does) I went to their site for wiring diagrams. Unfortunately, all the diagrams in the document rely on 2 volume and 2 tone controls. I guess I could have opted for dual concentric controls in the PVX, but I didn’t want to do that. Instead I fired off a quick email from their contact page, and within a couple of days I was sent a diagram they worked up for me. That is just wonderful customer service, in my opinion. Thanks guys.

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