Not a Build Diary – The Kit List

While I wait for the last delivery to arrive, I thought I’d run through the list of parts I am using on this guitar. I’ll then mention a couple of parts I bought that aren’t suitable so you can avoid the hassles.


  • 1 x Double Cut kit, fret wire and side dots installed.
  • 1 x Tone Pros Bridge (From PVX)
  • 1 x Tone Pros tailpiece (From PVX)
  • 1 set Planet Waves Auto Trim Locking tuners (From PVX)
  • 2 x STC 500K pots (StewMac)
  • 1 x Switchcraft output jack (I think) (StewMac)
  • 1 x FreeWay switch, 6 position toggle (StewMac)
  • 1 x Suhr SSH+ Bridge humbucker
  • 1 x Suhr DSV Neck humbucker
  • Copper Shielding Tape
  • Assorted wiring, knobs, plates, etc.


  • 1 x 8oz bottle Birchwood Casey Tru Oil
  • 1 x 3oz bottle Birchwood Casey Sealer and Filler
  • 1 x 3oz bottle Birchwood Casey gunstock wax.
  • Assorted abrasives and blocks for sanding

Stuff that didn’t work out for me.

  • StewMac 5 way rotary switch (Actually purchased as part of a closeout deal on PRS wiring kits along with post, output jack and wiring). The issue with this is that the shaft of the switch was not long enough to be able to mount in the guitar without taking out a lot more wood from the top, which I was not comfortable about having to do.
  • StewMac Humbucker mounting rings. OK, this was my own fault. I ordered flat rings instead of the tapered flat top mounting rings. The replacements are what I am wiating on right now
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