Clara fights back

Whenever you work with wood, you have to expect it to fight you at some point along the journey.  In this case, the first time was when I was about to glue the cap on to the sapele body.  I’d got all prepped, had the glue bottle open and was ready to go…

021 - GluePrep

… when I noticed the crack…

023 - TheCrack 024 - TheCrack2

..that ran all the way down the length of the cap.  It may have been OK, but the only piece of wood left holding it together is on the outside of the body where it would have been carved away.  I could potentially have got away with it if I was building for myself, but I decided not to risk it.  I just have to find another good bit of maple and redo the cap.

All is not lost, though.  I have flooded the crack with thin superglue and let it set, and the old cap will be turned into a cutting board instead.  A talking point if nothing else.


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