Clara – Carving and binding channels

After looking at the maple cap, and the split that appeared, I decided that it was not a write-off after all.  Yes there is a crack, but a very small amount of filler will make it all but invisible.  So – on with the binding channels and the carved top.

First step was to cut the channels for the binding in the top of the guitar.  A simple enough operation with a router cutter designed for the job.

028 - Binding Route

027 - Bingind Route

And then, the tricky bit.  Carving the top.

I followed a technique I had read about on various forums which involved routing away the bulk of the material in steps.  Here’s what the first couple of steps look like.

030a - StartingTheCarve

And then it was out with various rasps, files, chisels, gouges and tiny planes to get the shape a little more refined.

031 - CarveRouted

032 - HandCarvingStarts

033 - HandCarvingContinues

034 - HandCarvingContinues

The rough shape is there, and I couldn’t wait to see what it might look and feel like when sanded,

037 - GettingSmoother

036 - GettingSmoother

035 - GettingSmoother

Of course, there’s a bit more work to do refining the shape now that I can feel what’s what.  There are a few lumps and bumps where there shouldn’t be so that’s my job for this week.  Then,. more neck work.

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