Automation and Control – Hardware and OS

First things first.  To get anywhere with this project, we’re going to need some hardware.  I am not going to go deeply into the reasons for choosing what I did, except to say that I wanted costs to be minimised, but usability maximised.  For that reason I went for two bundles.  They are :

Main Unit

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (for good Win 10 Iot Support)
  • Official Raspberry Pi 7″ touchscreen
  • PSU

Satellite Unit

  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • 16 channel GPIO expansion Board and various switches, resistors and capacitors.

All hardware was purchased from ThePiHut (no affiliation)

I also got a couple of cases and general ancillaries for the setup phase.  The cases won’t get used – I will eventually build enclosures for both units that will be mountable in the locations I need them.

Assembling the Pi3 and display was simple enough (sorry, no pictures, I did this step before I decided I was going to blog the process) following online instructions from the interwebs.

For the Pi Zero, I am using Raspbian, and I set that up using all the defaults using a NOOBS SD card that I bought with the device.

For the Pi3, I installed the latest public  release of Windows 10 IoT core using the IoT Core Dashboard.

Again, apologies for the scarcity of the information in this post, but I will try to tear everything back down and reassemble with photos and more detail.  I just want to get cracking on the fun side.

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