Automation and Control – Introduction

As if my life wasn’t busy enough already, I have decided I’m going to tinker with Windows 10 IoT Core, a few Raspberry Pi devices and a bunch of sensors/switches this weekend.  My aim is to make all the smart gadgets I own controllable from a single, simple interface.

To get started, I have been shopping.  I have a Raspberry Pi 3B, along with a 7″ touchscreen display for the main control centre.  I also have a Pi Zero and a bunch of input devices to try to build a satellite unit to sit near the front door.

The first pass at this task is likely to make heavy use of IFTTT for the actual device control since everything is already connected through there.  Later revisions will probably feature my own code running as a server on my media server box.  That will likely let me control things in a more granular manner, as well as expose feature not yet available through IFTTT.

So, stay tuned for updates.  I hope it comes in useful for someone.

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