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So with our hardware all set up, the OS installed and everything running OK, it’s almost time to decide on the software.  I am going to concentrate on the Windows 10 IoT app first of all since that is all software and I don’t need to worry about soldering anything together.

Before I start on the software, there’s one thing that’s worth noting right off the bat.  The screen stand I bought appears to hold the display upside-down.  Luckily, this is a simple fix.  The first option is to rebuild the stand sho it holds the screen the right way up.  However, since I’m not going to be using this stand on the final version, I’m going to fudge it in software.

With the device powered on and connected to the network, open file explorer and navigate to


and open the file config.txt.  This file is actually what replaces the BIOS as a store of device-specific configuration values.

We can overcome our initial problem but adding a new line at the bottom


and then reboot the Pi.  Note that there is a lot of talk on the interwebs about using “display_rotate=2” instead.  That would work for pure display purposes, but there’s an issue – it doesn’t rotate the touch sensors so all your touch events will be upside down.

Great.  Things are looking good.


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