The Build Diary – Part 7 – No work going on

(9th October 2013)

I’m not working on the guitar at the moment. I have a bit of a cold and am lacking in patience – exactly the wrong time to be working on the guitar’s finish – so I’ve put down the sandpaper ’til I can dedicate the right sort of time to the job.

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The Build Diary – Part 6 – Bodywork

(7th October 2013)

1200 grit polish on the neck before starting the finish coats – no photos yet, I’ll post some soon.
Knock back the filler on the body and do the wash coat of Tru-Oil in preparation for knocking it back to a very flat surface. This may take a couple of goes – done to 400 grit. 600 and 1200 to go over the next couple of days.

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The Build Diary – Part 5 – The finish coats.

(6th October 2013)

Starting the finish on the body. Sealer first. The finish in these photos looks patchy, and it is – mainly because the wood was quite thirsty. Another coat will fix that, and anyway this isn’t the final finish and most of it will be sanded off.

And I’m sure you’re dying to see the Heath Robinson contraption I use to dry the body. Oh, go on then.

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The Build Diary – Part 4 – How will it end up looking?

(5th October 2013)
Test fit of the tuners. You can still see the orange peel effect of only having got part of the way through the grain fill stage. Also, a quick shot of the unfinished body with chrome hardware and a couple of the knobs laid on, just to see how it looks.

Tuners off again, and I have started the laborious process of flatting back to get a totally flat finish. Basically, this is using successively finer grades of wet and dry paper, moistened with Tru-Oil to get a totally flat surface.

If you want to use Tru Oil as a finish, and want to follow on with the same guidance I am using, visit this forum thread for a full description.

Also today, the wonderful Paul Hudson helped me out by drilling the output jack hole – not a job I felt brave enough to tackle because of the ridiculously high chances if it going wildly wrong.

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The Build Diary – Part 3 – Some time later…

(4th October 2013)
…and after a whole lot of sanding, we start to seal the neck.

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New blog –

I’ve set up a new blog for my Windows Mobility posts. You can find it at

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The Build Diary – Part 2 – It’s here!

(23 September 2013)

These are a few shots of the kit as it came out of the box. It already looks pretty good to me.

Some light sanding, and a quick wipe with a damp cloth to make the figuring stand out.

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The Build Diary – Part 1

As promised, I’m making this build log into a series of posts to make it easier to see what’s new. They’re all tagged with “PVX Guitar” to make them easier to find.

(September 2013)

Photos before it even got to me. Thanks to Paul Vogt and Scott Minchk. 🙂

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Debugging on the device without Zune

If you want to debug your WP7 application on the device, but don’t want to connect using Zune (perhaps you want to be able to access your pictures library while the app is running) there is a solution in the 7,1 SDK.

Navigate to

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Phone\v7.1\Tools\WPConnect

and run the WPConnect.exe utility in there, and the device will be attached without having to launch Zune.

This utility must be run each time you connect – it doesn’t maintain a connection between sessions, but you can launch multiple app instances without relaunching.

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Phone 7 Notification Helpers (Server Side) Package

Install-Package Phone7NotificationHelpers.Server

Marc Jennings Nuget package logo

This package contains a class to aid the rapid development of applications that send push notifications to a Windows Phone 7 application.  It can be used in conjunction with the Phone 7 Notification Helpers package to make the task of adding notification behaviour a simple one.

To use this package, take the following steps.

  • Install the package (Install-Package Phone7NotificationHelpers.Server
  • Call whichever of the three public methods to send a notification.  These are
    • Helpers.PushNotificationSenderHelpers.SendRawMessage()
    • Helpers.PushNotificationSenderHelpers.SendToastMessage()
    • Helpers.PushNotificationSenderHelpers.SendTileMessage()
  • That’s it!


Currently the results of the calls are returned as a string.  I will be changing this to return a more sensible object to allow for error handling, resending, etc. (Will be in the next release)
Handle message Id strings for each unique message to assist tying responses back to requests. (Will be in the next release)

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